Nursing Shoes for a Flat Feet

010715picFlat foot is a deformity that affects approximately 20-30% of the world’s population. It is a postural deformity whereby the arches of the foot collapse and the entire sole touches or nearly touches the ground. It is also called fallen arches. Flat feet can be attributed several postural pains including pains in the knees, hips, arch, heel, hips and lower back.

Nursing is a profession that requires frequent standing, walking and running; a very stressful job that needs the best shoes for comfort to alleviate the pains that come with such stress. Nurses with flat feet need special shoes to provide support for the arches and also to provide maximum comfort on the job.

Wearing the right footwear on all occasions (not just on the job) can be an efficient and affordable way of treating flat feet. Below are some characteristics of the ideal shoes for nurses and anyone with flat feet.

Arch Support

Arches are like foundations in buildings that keep the building up; they carry the whole body weight. Arches in shoes help lift the foot in certain areas to avoid contact with the footbed. Some nursing shoes have no arches on their insoles; this is not ideal for a nurse with flat feet. When buying nursing shoes, particular attention should be placed on the internal structure of the shoes and the insoles. Arch support is paramount for nurses with flat feet.

Heel Stability

Nursing shoes for nurses with flat feet should have a stiff and firm heel area to support the heel. The heel area should also be close to the heel edges, too loose or too tight is bad, something in-between will work just fine. Shoes designed for flat feet by podiatrists have this feature.

Durability and Rigidity

Nurses with flat feet need shoes that are durable and rigid enough to support the arches. Fallen arches lack stability, so a stiff shoe which does no twist easily and which does not bend in the middle will do the trick. Nursing shoes for flat feet should only bend at the toes. A flexible midfoot area will only increase pain and discomfort in the foot.

Orthotic Inserts

Orthotic inserts should always be used by people with flat feet because they help reduce pain in the foot. Orthotic inserts help distribute weight and pressure by offering additional arch support for your foot during stressful shifts.

Replace Your Shoes

The stress nurses go through on a daily basis ultimately tells on their shoes. As a nurse with flat feet, you should change your shoes regularly. This is because shoes tend to lose shape in areas that are supposed to provide support to the foot, thereby losing comfortability. It is not the external appearance of the shoes that matter but the inside. A shoe might still look good on the outside but doesn’t provide the necessary cushioning and support on the inside.


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